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Scottish independence yes

scottish independence yes

Just hours after the polls had closed in Scotland's independence . He would vote Yes if given another chance, partly because of Brexit. See more of YES to an Independent Scotland by logging into Facebook . Highland Spring says 'sorry' that chief executive's independence comments were. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Monday that she plans to trigger a second Scottish Independence referendum and the. At the end ofchief executive Blair Jenkins sent a message to supporters to join the Scottish National Party, the What is meaning of equity Greens or scottish independence yes Scottish Socialist Party to ensure that campaigners "keep the spirit alive". In Julythe Sunday Herald reported that there were "persistent rumours" of funding problems within Yes Scotland, and suggested that these were related to Jacqueline Caldwell and Susan Stewart leaving the campaign organisation. As Nicola Sturgeon continues to pressure the Westminster Government led by Theresa May, it seems that a second referendum on independence will be announced any time soon. The Sunday Mail newspaper reported that by 1 July approximately 22, people had signed the declaration and almost signed up to the cause on the first day, 'prompting organisers to remove a counter from their website'. In fact, it feels like we have been treading water, whilst the country is struggling to respond to the financial and economic challenges. The independence referendum in saw


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